Create and edit files in Bitrix24

You can create Documents (.docx), Spreadsheets (.xlsx) and Presentations (.pptx) in applications installed on your computer or using Google Docs services, MS Office Online or Office365 on your Bitrix24.Drive.

You can select the preferred way of working with files in Bitrix24.Drive section > click the cogwheel button > Settings for working with documents:

Here you can select one of two options: Locally (using applications installed on your computer) or In the cloud (using online services).

Create files

You can create files in Bitrix24.Drive section:

Or you can create a file when sending a message to the Activity Stream:

  • If you decide to work with files locally, a corresponding application will be launched and a new file will be created. This file will have a default name, but you can rename the file in actions menu in Bitrix24.Drive section or by clicking the pencil button in the attachments list in Activity Stream.
  • If you choose to work with files in the cloud, a corresponding online service will be launched (Google Docs, MS Office Online or Office365). When launching the online service for the first time, you need to enter the corresponding account login and password. When you finish working with the file, Bitrix24 will offer you to save it:

    When you save the file, you can specify its name.

View and edit files

Click on the file's name to view this file. Then you can edit it in using the chosen service.

When synchronization is enabled, all the changes are applied to the document stored on your Bitrix24.Drive and on the hard drive, regardless of your geographic location.

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