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Telephony & CRM integration


How does CRM & Telephony integration work

When the call is performed - both for incoming & outgoing calls - the system is searching for this phone number in CRM database.  

In case if you’ve specified this number in the client’s details (“phone” field), the call will be automatically bound to the found CRM item. You will be able to see the associated CRM record's details in the call window, (contact name, responsible person, current activities) or create a new Deal or Invoice – it will be opened in a separate browser window. If you'd like to add some notes to the call, use Comments option.

After the call is completed you will be able to see the call details in the CRM record’s Activity Stream. The call fact will also be recorded under CRM record’s History.

Check For Number In All CRM Records

On the Phone Preferences page for Rented Number or SIP PBX you will find the following options:

Direct incoming calls to the responsible Bitrix24 user if caller is identified  – when enabled, the incoming call is directed to the identified CRM record’s responsible user:

If the responsible Bitrix24 user does not answer - choose what action should be performed: forward to queue, forward to mobile or play voice message:

  • Play voice message – if the responsible user doesn’t answer, the client can leave a message, it will be recorded and attached to the associated CRM record.
  • Forward to mobile – the call will be immediately redirected to the responsible user’s phone (number specified in user's profile).
    Please make sure you’ve specified users phone numbers in the right format - it doesn’t matter if the number has any of +, (),- symbols or blank space between digits, the system recognizes the number anyway; only digits order is important.
  • Forward to queue - this queue can be configured in the Queue option below. Open Queue Settings to get extra options.
If the option Direct incoming calls to the responsible Bitrix24 user if caller is identified is disabled, than the call will be forwarded to the queue.

If the number is not found in the CRM - you can make the system automatically create new leads in this case, or offer the user to create a new CRM record in the call window.

Automatically change Bitrix24 user responsible for the lead when manually forwarding a call - when the call is forwarded to another user - this user is automatically assigned as this lead's responsible user. 

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