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Convert a lead

Lead conversion is a process of creating a contact, a company, or a deal on a successful lead basis. All the collected data will be transferred to the newly created CRM entities.

Ways to convert a lead

In Bitrix24, you can convert leads manually, or streamline this process using automation rules.

Manual conversion. This is a basic script for completing a lead. When your lead has gone through all the required stages, move it to the final successful stage. There are different ways to do this, depending on the chosen view:

  • In the Kanban view, drag and drop a lead to the successful stage at the bottom.

  • In the List view, select the final stage under the corresponding column.

  • In the lead form, click Complete lead in the top right corner.

Then you will see a pop-up window inviting you to choose which CRM entities you want to create from it.

The results are recorded in the lead form timeline on the right.
Learn more about creating other CRM entities from source

Automatic conversion. You can set up the lead conversion process that does not require employee participation.

One of the popular scenarios is using the Create using source automation rule. Add it at a certain stage to automatically create other CRM entities based on your leads.
Learn more about using automation rules in CRM

Another option is switching to the Simple CRM mode. In this case, all the leads that are in work are automatically converted into deals, contacts, or companies.
Learn more about CRM modes

Lead conversion features

There are a few points to consider when converting a lead:

  • You cannot convert a lead into an item that you don't have permission to create.
    Learn more about CRM access permissions

  • If you've created some custom fields just for leads, you can choose to have them automatically added to other CRM items when converting a lead. In the pop-up window, specify the entities for creating missing fields to store information.

  • To finalize the conversion, make sure to fill in any empty required fields in your lead or the new CRM item.
    Learn more about using required fields in CRM

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