Required fields in CRM

Sometimes it's impossible to fill in all fields in CRM entity forms at once because you just don't have the required information yet.

Make particular fields required in CRM entity form. Such fields are marked with a red star. You cannot save changes in the CRM entity form without completing them.

Check if this feature is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

For example, you can make the Date of birth field required in the contact form.

Users can make fields required only if the User can edit settings option is enabled in their access permission role. Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

Required fields in contacts and companies

Open a contact form > click the gear button > select Configure.

Activate the Required option.

You can also activate this option when creating a new custom field.

Read more in the article - Custom fields in CRM.

Required fields in other CRM entities

In other CRM entities, you can make fields required starting with a particular stage. As for deals, it is also possible to configure required fields for different pipelines.

For example, you can create a required custom field to specify the reason for rejection when deals are lost.

By default, a required field is mandatory for all stages. You can make it required starting with a specific stage, untick For all stages and pipelines and select the ones you need. In our example, we select all the unsuccessful stages.

Thus, when closing a deal as lost, Bitrix24 will ask users to enter the rejection reason.

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