Set the default country in the Phone field

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We have improved the standard Phone field. When you enter a phone number in this field, it defines the country by the entered country code. In addition, you can set up the default country to avoid entering the country code each time you complete the contact information.

To find a specific country code, click the flag icon in the Phone field and select a country code from the list.

Also, you can find a country by its name. Start typing the country name, and you will get the matching results in the list.

If the system does not recognize the country code, there will be an icon of the globe instead of the flag icon.

Default country is a new parameter in the Phone field settings. By default, it corresponds to your domain zone.

For example, if you set the USA as the default country, the single-digit country code +1 will be pre-installed in the field. All that remains is to enter a number.

If you select the No default country specified option, you will need to enter a country code along with a phone number. That is a good option if you work with clients from different countries.

Phone field in different form views

After you specify a default country in the Phone field, these settings are applied to both custom and common form views.

For example, for the Common form view you select China as the default country. All users will see the country code for China in the Phone field before they switch to any other form view.

If a user changes the default country in My form view, these settings will be applied to this view only.

Read more in the articles - CRM entity form and CRM entity form views.

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