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Observers in CRM: give access to entity forms and create a chat for discussion

There are two roles in the CRM form: responsible and observers. Responsible person is in charge of the customer and the sales process. To give access to the CRM item to other employees, you can add observers. There can be only one responsible person, but several observers.

Observers can view the CRM form and create a chat to discuss the deal.

Check if this option is available on your plan. Learn information about all Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Observers can be added in leads, deals, contacts, companies, invoices and smart processes - in all CRM entities except estimates.

Add observers to CRM form

You can add an observer to the CRM form in the web and mobile versions of Bitrix24.

Web version
Mobile app

Find the Observers field in the CRM form. Click Add and select employees.

Employees who have been added as observers will be able to view the CRM form.

Employees will be notified when they are added as observers or removed from the form.

Open the CRM form and find the Observers field. Select the employees.

Employees will be notified when they are added as observers or removed from the form.

What to do if there is no Observers field in the form

If a field is not displayed in the CRM form, it is hidden. Click Select Field, check the box next to the desired field and save your changes. The field will appear in the form.
To view the form, the observers must have access permissions to at least read their CRM entities, such as deals or contacts. The permissions should be configured in the web version.
Access Permissions in CRM

Create a chat from a CRM form

Create a chat directly from the CRM form so that you don't have to add participants manually. The responsible person and observers from the CRM form will be automatically added to the chat.

Web version
Mobile app

Click Discuss in chat in the CRM form timeline.

You will be switched to the chat immediately.

In the mobile app, you can create a chat for discussion from the list of CRM entities or from the entity form. Tap the three dots icon and select the Discuss in chat option.

If the chat has already been created in the CRM form, it will open.

  • If you add an employee who is not in the CRM form to the deal chat, he/she will automatically become an observer. And vice versa - if you remove an employee from the chat, he will be removed from observers.
  • If a new observer is added to the form when a chat has been created, he/she will not be automatically added to this chat. To join a chat, an employee should click Invite to chat in the CRM form.

Delete observers

If the employee is no longer working with the customer, remove him/her from observers.

Web version
Mobile app

Click Edit in the entity form.

Delete the employee and save changes.

Open the entity form, click the pencil icon in the Observers field. Uncheck the employees you want to remove and click Select. Save the changes.

In brief

  • You can add observers to a CRM form so that they can see information about the customer and discuss deal details in the chat.

  • You can add observers and create a chat to discuss a deal in the web version and mobile application of Bitrix24.

  • If you create a chat from a CRM form, the responsible person and observers will be automatically added to it.

  • If an employee no longer works with a client, remove him/her from the observers in the CRM form. He/she will also be removed from the chat.

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