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CRM elements form

In Bitrix24 you can work with leads, deals and contacts straight from the list. Click on the CRM element in the list to open its form with all available information about this element.

CRM element form features

In CRM element form, you can:

  • Create and move sections.
    Please note: if you have edited the lead form, the changes made are applied to all leads forms.
  • Change values and sections names. Just click Change.
  • Change lead statuses and deal stages. For example, you want to close the deal. Just click the corresponding stage at the status bar. It works the same way for leads statuses.
  • Create new CRM elements. You can convert leads to deals or contacts in one click. Or create an invoice/quote for a deal.
  • Track dependencies. In CRM element for you can track with which other CRM elements the current element is connected. Also, you can view which automation rules and workflows work with this element. New automation rules, workflows, products, invoices, etc. can be added in this element form.

    You can track all the dependencies in the Dependencies tab.

  • Create activities and add comments. You can add comments to the element and schedule activities in the CRM element form.

    You can edit text, add attachments, mention colleagues in the comments section.

    Comments and activities associated with this CRM element can be found below the comments section.

  • View CRM element changes history. Click History tab to view the history of changes, e.g., who and when accessed or changed CRM entry.
    Read more in the article - View CRM element changes history.

Common and My view of a CRM element form

Every CRM element form has 2 view options - Common view and My view. Click the cogwheel button to switch to the other view.

Common view and My view are configured separately for repeat and new leads.

Reset form view to default option resets the form view to default.

The administrator can configure the CRM element form view and forcibly set it for all users by clicking Set common form view for all users.
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