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Other phone number settings

When configuring your rented number or SIP PBX, you can manage several extra options in the Other section. These settings allow you to:

To access these settings,

  1. Go to CRM > Add-ons > Telephony.

  2. On the Connection page, click Configure numbers and select a rented number or PBX.

  3. Open the Other tab on the left.

Only account administrators have full access to the telephony settings. You can configure access permissions to grant access to regular users as well.
Learn how to configure access permissions to Telephony

Employees can select this number for outbound calls

In Bitrix24, there are different ways to set the phone number for outgoing calls:

  • Under Telephony settings, you can set the default number for outbound calls for all employees.

  • In the Telephony users section, you can apply individual settings for each user.

  • If the phone number in this section differs from the default one, individual telephony user settings have priority.
    Click here to learn more
  • In the Other tab, you can select users allowed to call via this rented number or PBX. See the instructions below.

To allow employees to make calls from a specific number,

  1. Activate this option: .

  2. Specify the prefix for calls via this number. If an employee uses a SIP phone, they can dial this prefix before the client's phone number to make a call. The system checks the first digits and characters of the dialed number. If they match the prefix from the number settings, the call is made via this number.

  3. A prefix is a combination of digits and special characters that you enter on your dial pad. It must not match a country code. For example, you can use *123, 456#, or 803 as a prefix, but not +1.
  4. Then select users who can choose this number before making an outgoing call from Bitrix24 Messenger or a SIP phone using the specified prefix.

Number for outbound calls Based on the screenshot above, if Alex Miller dials 23615553333333 on his SIP phone, he will make a call from the demo number to 15553333333.

Redial missed callback

It may be that a customer schedules a callback using the form on your site, but does not pick up the phone. In this case, you can make the system redial on its own.

To set up a repeated callback,

  1. Activate this option: .

  2. Specify the number of redial attempts.

  3. Select the preferred interval between attempts.

Learn more about the Callback form

Enable backup phone number

Here, you can specify the number to which a call will be redirected in case of any technical difficulties.

  1. Activate this option: .

  2. In the Backup phone number field, specify the phone number that is not connected to your Bitrix24. Calls will be redirected there if your main number cannot be reached.

  3. Under Forward calls to the backup phone number from, select the rented number or PBX that will be used to forward calls.

For example, there are some issues on your PBX side. Bitrix24 will redirect the call to the specified number (1) when it does not reach your PBX (2). Note that such a forwarded call is charged as an outbound call.

If you don't specify a number there, the call will be redirected to the backup phone number specified under Telephony settings.
Learn how to set a backup phone number under Telephony settings

Try to pass on the caller's ID when forwarding a call

By default, when an employee answers a forwarded call, they see the phone number that a client dialed. To display the caller's ID when forwarding a call to an employee, activate this option: .

Learn how to configure call forwarding

Note that this option only works for rented numbers.

Change forward-to number

You can change the forwarding channel for your SIP PBX connection. In this case, the system will transfer inbound calls to another available connection before forwarding them to another destination.

When you may find this option useful:

  • Outgoing and forwarded calls don't work properly via the connected PBX (compatibility issues, PBX limitations for third-party integrations, etc.).

  • You need to receive incoming calls via one particular connected PBX and make outgoing calls via another connected PBX.

  • You want to receive incoming calls via connected PBX, but make outgoing calls within a rented number. In this case, you will be charged for outgoing calls according to our provider's prices and don't need to purchase the SIP connectorSIP connector is a special software module of Bitrix24. It allows you to direct all outbound and forwarded calls from Bitrix24 to your SIP PBX. Learn more subscription.

To change the forwarding channel,

  1. Activate this option: .

  2. Select the rented number or SIP PBX to which incoming calls will be redirected.

Note that this option only works for SIP PBX connections.

In brief

  • Manage additional number settings in the Other section. Only admins can edit these settings, but you can give regular users access too.

  • Change the forward-to number in the SIP PBX Other settings.

  • Activate passing on the caller's ID when forwarding a call from rented numbers.

  • Specify a backup phone number, enable auto redial, and decide which employees are allowed to make calls via this number when configuring your rented number or SIP PBX.

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