Feed message creation form in Bitrix24 mobile app

We've expanded the feature set when creating messages in Feed in the Bitrix24 mobile app. Now you can not only add a file to a post and specify recipients, but also change a message background, make an announcement or express appreciation to the employee, as well as add a title or a poll.

When you add a message to the Feed, the menu will be shown immediately. If the menu is hidden, click ... button.


Select recipients from the employees list or use the search bar. You can specify an employee, a group, or a department as the recipient.

Attach files

You can attach photos from the gallery, file folders, Bitrix24.Disk or other apps.

To send files, you need to allow access to them for the Bitrix24 mobile app.

Mention employee, workgroup, or department

You can mention employees, workgroups, or departments. Select them from the list or use the search bar. You can also mention the recipient using @ in the message text.

Change background

You can design your message in Feed by adding a background with a text. Choose an appropriate background and write a text.

After publication, the message will be displayed in the web version and in the mobile app in the same way.


Create announcements with important information for employees not to miss it. You can specify an urgency period: forever, one day, two days, a week, or a month. To cancel the urgency period, click the ... button and Delete.

An announcement is displayed in the Feed with a special background both in the Bitrix24 web version and in the mobile app.


You can express appreciation to the colleagues in a message. Add them as the recipients and select a badge.

Appreciation message has a special background.

Add title

Add a title to your message. You can hide it at any time.


You can add a poll directly from the mobile app. Add an additional question or select multiple answers in the menu.

In the context menu, you can move the question up or down, as well as delete it.

This form is only available in the Bitrix24 mobile app for iOS and Android
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