CRM in Bitrix24 mobile app

You can work with CRM in Bitrix24 mobile app. Let's take a look at all features.

Click the Menu button and find the CRM section.

The My Activities section allows you to keep track of your current issues and to create a call/meeting/email.

You can view a list of Contacts and create new ones. To find the data you need, use the filter or the quick search. The mobile app allows you to display complete information on your contacts and edit it if necessary. You can also call your client directly from the mobile CRM clicking on the phone number.

All Companies in your Bitrix24 will be collected in this section. In the menu, you can sort the list, customize the filter and information about the company.

View Deals in the mobile CRM and edit their status. Click the change stage section and select the desired status from the list. Inside a deal, you can make changes, create an invoice or a quote, and view existing cases in it.

For such entities as Leads, Invoices and Quotes, you can also create new ones, set up by filter and change their status.

You can also make changes and select visible fields in the Products section.

Read more about stages in the article: Kanban view in CRM.
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