New Mobile CRM

Modern business requires more opportunities to work in CRM right from smartphones and keep in touch with clients at any time. This is extremely important for managers who need to constantly control work processes and for people who don't have access to computers in their workplaces.

New Mobile CRM comes in handy in such cases. It includes almost all the features of the web version and has a unified design with it.

Mobile CRM features

It is easy to perform daily operations using mobile CRM: create and edit CRM entities, schedule activities, make calls, send emails etc.

Currently, the changes apply to Deals only. Our team is working on the updates of the other CRM entities.

Nonetheless, some actions can be performed in the full version only due to the relatively small size of the phone or tablet screen. In the mobile app there are no options to create and configure custom fields, edit access permissions or search for CRM items by a specific field's values.

As for the new Bitrix24 features such as Proactive CRM, smart activities and new counters, all of them are available in the mobile version.

Read more in the articles: Proactive CRM, Deal smart activities, New counters of activities.

Basic actions

There are some basic actions you can apply to deals in Bitrix24 Mobile app: create and schedule activities, move deals to other stages, search for CRM items.

How to create deals

It is easy to create a deal in mobile CRM. Go to CRM > Deals and tap the + icon in the bottom corner. Then select Deal in the list of items and complete the fields in the deal form.

Scroll down to the bottom of the form and tap Add products button. Then select one of the options: find or create a product. Choose the desired item and tap Select.

After applying all the changes, tap Create in the top right corner.

How to use search

Tap the loupe icon on the top of the screen to search for a deal. Enter the deal name or another field's value, for example, the company name. Also, you can use standard and custom filters. The section under the search bar shows the total amount of deals included in search results. Tap on it to see the amount of such deals in each stage.

How to use timeline and create activities

All the necessary information is displayed in the deal timeline. It includes the full history of communication with the client, system messages and comments. You can open the timeline right from the deal list by tapping the three dots button > Timeline. Tap Plan activity to schedule an action. Specify the things that you need to do and set the deadline.

How to change stages and pipelines

You can switch between deal pipelines by tapping the corresponding icon in the top panel. There is the list of your sales pipelines, just select the needed one.

To move a deal to another stage, tap on the current stage and select the desired one from the list. This is very useful when you need to skip some stages. If you need to move a deal to the next stage, tap on it and confirm your choice.

Also, you can move deals between the pipelines. Open the deal form, tap the three dots button in the top right corner > Change pipeline. Select the desired pipeline and confirm your choice.

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