Documents in mobile CRM

Mobile CRM provides more and more different options to simplify your everyday operations. Now you can generate a document from your own template and send it to your client right in the Mobile app.

Save your time and create a document during the meeting with a customer even being out of the office.

Create a document

Open a CRM entity form > tap on + in the bottom right corner > select Create document.

Select a needed template from the list to generate a document immediately.

View created documents in CRM entity form

Open a CRM entity form > tap on the three dots button > select Documents.

Select a document from the list to view it.

Edit a document

Open a document in CRM entity form. In preview mode, you can read and edit it. Tap on the pencil icon in the bottom menu, make changes, then tap Save.

If you have different companies in your Bitrix24 account, you can select the needed one from the list.

Send a document to a client

Open a document in CRM entity form and tap Send. Use one of the available options to share a document with your client.

In addition, you can download a document to your phone in DOCX or PDF format or print it.

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