Сustomize document templates in CRM

Each Bitrix24 account has a set of standard templates for invoices and quotes. You can add your any information to these templates. You will learn how to find them and how to work with them from this article.

How to find document templates

There are entities forms in CRM: leads, deals, contacts, companies and others. Open an entity form you need to create a document. Click the Document button and select Add new template.

A list of all available templates will open. By default, it shows the template name, binding to sections and date of change.

Click the settings icon to customize the columns. Select the desired fields and apply the changes.

Edit the template

You can configure the template settings. Click on the menu button next to the template name and select the Edit option.

Name. First of all, specify the name of the template and define whether it is active or not. Add information about signatures and stamp.

Activity. By default, this option is always enabled when you create a new template. It means that you will be able to create a document based on this template. When you stop using it, disable the Activity option.

With signatures and stamp. If you enable this option, CRM will substitute the signature and seal from your company details when generating the document. If this option is disabled, the document will be created without a signature and a seal.

Add company details

Item list. Choose whether the printed document should contain only the product, only the service, or both.

Item list in document template

Bind to CRM sections. If you have two different sale pipelines, you need different templates. Select the pipeline for binding the template.

Multiple pipelines

Template users. Set up access permissions to the template. Select the desired employees or department.

Bind to country. Binding to the country affects the format of date, time and name. If the desired country is not in the list, add it yourself, click Create.

Use auto numbering template. Select a set of rules by which Bitrix24 will create an individual number for the document - a numerator. It can be a sequential number, date, company or client ID, and so on.

Document auto numbering

Save the settings. The template is ready.

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