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Edit document templates in CRM

Each Bitrix24 account has a set of standard templates for invoices and quotes. If a standard template does not meet the company's requirements or it lacks some data, you can edit it or create your own template.

Symbolic codes: what they are used for

Each document template consists of symbolic codes. The code refers to a specific field in the CRM entity form.

We use symbolic codes so that CRM system finds the required field in the CRM entity form and automatically inserts it into the file. You do not need to search for data manually. Bitrix24 will do it for you.

To view a list of symbolic codes, first open the templates. Click Document - Add New Template in the entity form. Then click the settings icon and select Fields.

The list of codes is located in the table. The name in the table is the same as the name of the field in the entity. The symbolic code can be copied and pasted into the template.

There are a lot of symbolic codes, so use the filter to search for them. If you need to find a code for a field that is in the deal, select Deal in the Source field.

Depending on the source selected, CRM system will prompt you to fill in one or two fields to refine the request.

We need to find the code of customer details. Since the document is created from a deal, select it in the Source field. If the client is saved in Bitrix24 as a company, select it in the Deal field. Then select Customer details.

We need symbolic codes for the Customer's full name and Company full name fields. Copy them into the template.

The same field can have a different code depending on the CRM entity.

We recommend using symbolic codes without CRM entity prefixes. To display a phone number, copy {AssignedWorkPhone} instead of {CompanyAssignedWorkPhone}. This code will work in any CRM entity.

Edit a standard document template

Now we will use symbolic codes to modify the default template. Open the list of templates: Entity form - Document - Add new template.

Select the template you want to modify and download it. The template will be in docx format. It can be opened in Microsoft Office. We recommend using the free LibreOffice editor.

Remove unnecessary codes and insert the codes you want to see in the document. Save the file in docx format. The size should not be larger than 2 MB. Open the page with the list of templates and click Edit.

Replace the old template with a new one, click Upload new template. Change the settings: name, access permissions and section binding.

Check if the template is configured correctly. Click on the required template in the Document tab. The document that CRM created based on your template will open immediately.

You can work with other fields in the same way: change their places, delete them, add new ones, display information about customers, products and custom fields.

    In brief

  • Bitrix24 has a set of standard templates for invoices and quotes. You can customize the template to automatically insert the necessary details.

  • To customize the template, you should use symbolic codes. They are the values of the fields in the CRM entity form. Each field has its own symbolic code.

  • Download any template to customize it. Open the template in Microsoft Office or the Libre Office editor and replace the fields with the desired ones.

  • The list of symbolic codes to modify the document can be found in the entity form. Click Document - Add New Template - Fields in the settings icon menu.

  • Save the file in docx format. The size should not be larger than 2 MB.

  • Upload a new template to Bitrix24.

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