Swap email addresses or phone numbers on the website

Sales Intelligence allows you to specify different phone numbers or email addresses on your website for different traffic sources.

How it works

For example, you have a Facebook page. Add your website link with a special UTM code to the contact information.

Read how to use UTM codes in the article - Connect traffic sources.

Your website has a block with the contact information that contains your phone number and email address.

Now you need to swap this email address and phone number depending on the traffic source to find out how your client's got to the website.

Assign phone numbers and email addresses to traffic sources

First of all, you need to assign phone numbers and email addresses to traffic sources.

Read more in the article - Assign phone numbers and email addresses to traffic sources.

Open Sales Intelligence section > click Mail.

For example, let's assign a special email address to the Facebook page.

Save changes.

Connecting the website

Then you need to connect your website to the Sales Intelligence. Click Sales Intelligence > Own site.

Specify your website address > click Test site.

If there is a Bitrix24 website widget or CRM webform on this website, it'll be connected automatically. For other websites, you need to add a special code before the closing tag body.

Bitrix24 automatically detects all the phone numbers and email addresses on the website.

Click View on site button.

There will be a special toolbar at the top.

The first list contains all the detected email addresses and phone numbers. For example, select the email address and you'll see where this address is located.

The second list is needed to check how this page will look like for clients that have come to the website from your Facebook page. As you can see, the email address is swapped automatically.


Done! The client that clicks your website link on the Facebook page will see the selected email address. If he/she sends you an email, Bitrix24 will automatically detect that the client is from Facebook and will display Facebook > Mail as a Client Path.

You can swap phone numbers in the same way.

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