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Set up UTM tags to Google and Facebook Ads

For advertising expenses specification Google Ads, you need to set up UTM tags on the side of the advertising service.

How to set up UTM tags on Bitrix24

Go to Sales Intelligence > Google Ads > Add source.

Go to your Google Ads account, copy the utm_source tag and utm_content=cid|{campaignid}|gid|{adgroupid}|kwid|{targetid}. Add the utm_source and utm_content tags to your website address when you create your ad.

Your site address will be look like the following:


UTM tags and their meanings:

  • utm_source - where the visitor came from. For example, mail or advertising service;
  • utm_content - is used to distinguish similar content or links in the same ad;
  • {campaignid}- campaign ID. It marks which campaign your ad was shown in.
  • {adgroupid} - identifier of the ad group. It shows the group of ads your ad was shown in.
  • {targetid} - identifier of the keyword.

How to set up UTM tags in Google Ads

You need to set up the appropriate UTM tags for the ad service to send campaign data to the account. You can specify the link to your site with the correct UTM tags during ad creation.

Specify the address of your site with utm-tags in the Final URL field.|{campaignid}|gid|{adgroupid}|kwid|{targetid}

You can also create a tracking template to set the same Final URL with your UTM tags for an ad group, a campaign or an account.The template will be automatically applied to all ads, depending on where it is set.

In the tracking template field, you can specify a link with your UTM tags.


The parameter {lpurl} is the final URL that you put in the URL line of the ads. For example, if the ad contains the link to your page -, that is the final URL and it will be put in place of {lpurl}.

How to set up a tracking template for an account

To set up the template, go to Account Settings > Tracking > specify the options in the field.

The tracking template for the account will apply UTM tags to all ads.

How to set up a tracking template for an ad campaign

You can set up a template while creating or configuring an ad campaign. Select the desired ad campaign > Settings > Campaign URL Options > specify options in the field.

The campaign tracking template will apply UTM tags only to a specific campaign.

How to set up a tracking template for an ad group

You can set the template during ad group setup. Select the desired group > Settings > Ad group URL Options > specify the options in the field.

The ad group tracking template will apply UTM tags only to ads from a certain group.

The view of the ad service interface may vary. To customize it, click Switch view button.

Set up UTM tags in Facebook

UTM tags in Facebook ads transmit data to build a detailed ad spend report. You can set up UTM tags during ad creation in Facebook ads manager.

Enable the Add a website URL option and specify your site address.

Click Build a URL Parameter.

Fill out the Campaign Source and Campaign Content fields.

  • Campaign source - specify your utm_source.
  • Campaign content - add the utm_content parameter.

After that, click the Apply button.

Now clicks on your ads will take into account the necessary parameters for detailing advertising costs.

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