Register PayPal Business Account

To accept payments via PayPal, you need to have a PayPal Business account.

Register PayPal Business Account

Go to PayPal website and click Sign Up.

Select Business account.

Enter the email address you'll use to log in to PayPal and click Continue.

Set up your password.

Add information about your business.

Then select your business type, specify keywords describing your business, select the amount of your monthly sales, and specify your website (optional). Click Continue.

Specify your personal info and click Submit.

Then, go to your email inbox and confirm your email address.

Log in to your PayPal Business Account > scroll down to Notifications section and click the provide documents that confirm your identity link.

Upload all the required documents and click Submit.

PayPal will check these documents and approve your Business account.

After your PayPal Business account is approved, you can connect it to Bitrix24.

If you have any questions about your PayPal account, please refer to the PayPal Help Center.

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