Contact or company details templates

In Bitrix24, there are special templates that make working with details easier.

A contact/company details template is a prepared set of fields that you can use in the entity form or insert into an invoice.

You can customize templates. Go to CRM - Settings - CRM Settings - Start point - Contact or Company Details Templates.

By default, Bitrix24 has Company and Person templates. These templates can be edited and customized for your business.

Click Edit, if you want to change the template name and sorting.

Click Fields to view and edit the list of fields.

Fields in the list can be Edited or Deleted. You can also add a new field.


There are several types of fields: string, number, yes/no, date.

Create a new field or add a field from other templates by clicking Select Existing.

If you want to create your own template, click Add Template.

Specify the name and sorting for a new template or select a template with a set of fields from the list. The list contains person and company details for different countries.

The set of details from the template will be automatically substituted in the invoice or the entity form, if it is selected as the main for contacts or companies.

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