Contact or company details templates

You have probably noticed that inside a contact or a company details form under Details section you can choose from Company or Person templates to add new address details. Bitrix24 CRM allows you to add custom templates too. For example, Nonprofit template on the screenshot below is a custom one:

New contact or company details templates are configured from CRM Settings & are stored there as well, so that you can edit them at any time. 

Here is how to add a new template:

  • Go to CRM > Settings > Start Point > Contact or Company Details Templates.
  • The page will show all available templates. Use Add Template option to add a new one.
  • The Add Template form allows to add template name, activate\deactivate & set sorting. Please note that the template with lowest sorting will be shown in the contact\company details section as default one (very first in list). For example, if you have Nonprofit template sorting = 550, and Company template sorting = 510, then the Company template will be shown first in list.
  • After a new template has been added, you can start configuring it's fields. Go to template options menu and click on Fields:
  • On the Fields for Template page you will find all fields that you've added to the template. Click Add field to add new one.
  • The Add field form allows to add field name, sorting and select type. Supported field types include: string (text), number, yes\no or date.

That's it! Now you will find your custom details templates under contact or company details form:

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