Updates in working with addresses and contact/company details in CRM

We've made working with addresses and company/contact details much easier.

Before this update, the Address field was a part of client details. You had to go to client details, copy the address and look for it on Google Maps.

Now, the Address field is not a part of the client details field. Simply hover over the Address field to see the client address on Google Maps. No need to configure any additional settings, the address will be shown on Google Maps automatically!

You can add client details and address when creating a new lead or deal.

How to work with client details and addresses in a lead/deal form

You can add a company and a contact, specify client details and address straight in the deal form.

Enter the client address to the corresponding field. You'll be shown a Google Map with the client address.

You can click the Detailed button to view or edit the detailed information about the client address.

Also, you can select the address type in this section.

Click the Add button in the Details section to add the client details and banking details.

How to work with client details and addresses in a contact/company form

You can also add client details in a contact/company form. Click the Add button in the Details section.

Select a suitable template.

Read more in the article - Contact or company details templates.

Add the client details.

Then provide the banking details and click Save.

Hover over the address field to view the client address on Google Maps.

You can also view client details the same way. Just hover over the details field.

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