Units of measurement

Any product has a unit of measurement. In Bitrix24, you can choose how an item is measured. Several popular measurement units are available by default, but you can create your own if necessary.

Read more in the article: Commercial catalog organization.

Go to the CRM section > Settings > CRM Settings > Start point > Units of measurement.

You will see a list. It displays the ID and the code that is responsible for sorting in the list. As well as the unit name and the unit symbol.

You can customize the list. Decide which fields you don't want to see in the list and uncheck the options.

The unit of measurement can be edited or deleted.

Click Add to create a new unit of measurement.

Fill out the Unit of measurement form.

  • Code - a numeric value that is used for identifying the created unit of measurement.
  • Unit name - the full name of the unit of measurement.
  • Unit symbol and Unit symbol (international)
  • Code name (inernational)

Enable Default option and this unit of measurement will be used for products in deals, quotes and invoices automatically. Also, it'll be used by default when adding a new product to CRM.

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