Commercial catalog organization

In Bitrix24 there is no division into products or services. It doesn't matter if you're selling tires or legal advice. Everything you offer is called Products.

Products can be simple or with variants.

Variants are additional characteristics of the same product. For example, different sizes or colors of the same T-shirt.

Read more about variations in the article Working with the product variants.

Go to CRM > Products.

There are three ways to add new products:

Products can be stored in a common folder or grouped into sections.

The catalog is common to both CRM and Online Store.

You can find a product through the filter.

You can choose parameters for the filter. Click Add field.

What to do if the desired field is not on the list

Go to CRM settings > Product Properties.

Go to the card of the desired property.

Put a tick in the option Show filter for this property. Save your changes.

In the catalog, you can select the fields that will be in the list.

Click the gear and tick fields you need.

Products can be edited in the catalog or in the card.

Read more about editing products in the article A new approach to the product catalog.
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