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Add products to the catalog

In Bitrix24, you can add new products to the catalog in an easy manner.

How to add a new product

Go to the CRM section > Products > click Add simple product.

Complete the General parameters section fields.

Upload a picture, specify Retail price, Quantity and Unit of measurement.

In the Properties section, you can add additional details about the product. For example, you can select a section that the product will be added to. Note that you can add a product to several sections at the same time.

You can add any custom field to the Properties section by clicking the Create field button and selecting the type of the field.

Enter the field name and click Save.

Now you can select the product release date.

Click Save to save all changes.

The product is successfully added to your catalog.

If you have problems with using the new catalog, you can always switch to the old one. Go to the Online Store section > Settings > Online Store Parameters.

Go to the Product catalog tab > disable the Enable new product details form.

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