Units of measurement in services

We have added support for any units of measurement to services in the product form. Previously, services could only be measured in units. It was inconvenient to work with them.

Now you can measure services in minutes, hours, days and so on. Specify the appropriate units of measurement and cost of services.

How to add units of measurement to services

First, you need to configure the units of measurement. Go to the CRM section - Settings - CRM Settings.

In the Start point tab, click Units of measurement.

Click Add and specify the unit of measurement information.

Read more information in the article: Units of measurement.

After that, open the Product catalog and create a service. Select Service in the Create button menu.

In the service form, fill in all the necessary fields, specify the desired units of measurement and save the changes.

Read more information in the article: Services in CRM.

How to work with services

Services as well as products can be added to invoices, deals, CRM forms and other entities.

Services can also be used in conjunction with booking resources in the CRM form. Read more information in the articles:

First, let's create a service in the product catalog, which we will use in the CRM form.

Configure the Book a resource field in the deal form.

Then create a CRM form, add service to it and a field for booking resources.

Read more information in the articles:

The customer will be able to order the service on the website with the help of CRM form.

When the customer fills out the form on teh site, a deal will be created in the CRM, which will record the client's contacts and all the booking information. Managers will be able to contact the customer and сonfirm the reservation.

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