Product properties

Every product has one or more properties. It's important to show them, these properties matter to buyers. Clients want to know the composition of products, size of clothes, etc. This information helps people to make choice.

Product properties are displayed in the form. A manager who talks to the client on the phone will be able to find the information quickly. In the Online Store, visitors will see everything on the site.

Types of product properties

To simplify the classification, we divide all properties into two types: simple properties and variants properties.

Simple properties are characteristics that describe the product, such as manufacturer or material of clothing.

Variants properties are properties of trade offers for the same product, such as color or size.

Simple properties in the product form

In the product form, there are preset properties, which can be classified as simple properties: Name and Description.

How to fill in the field values

To fill in the values of the fields, go to the product form > Properties > Edit.

Click Select field and choose it in the menu.

Simple properties are displayed on the left side of the product form and in the list.

How to display fields in the list

Click the gear in the left corner and select the fields you want to be shown in the list.

Variants properties in the product form

Variants properties can include size and color. Such properties can be of two types: lists and dictionaries. The main difference between them is that you can create a separate image for each property in a dictionary.

Read more about work with variants in the article.

How to create the Size property

Go to the Product form, click Create variant property at the bottom of the page and select List.

Specify fields names and size variants.

How to create the Colour property

Go to the Product form, click Create variant property at the bottom of the page and select Dictionary.

Specify the field name and color options. Add images.


The variants properties are displayed in the  list.

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