Updated tools: work with products

We have updated Bitrix24 and added some new tools.

Product interface updates

We have made the work with products more convenient: expanded the functionality of the product list, simplified the search option and creation of new products.

The main changes:

  • Variants and their properties are displayed in the list of products, including CRM and CRM Store elements.
  • When searching for a product, you will see an image, a name and a price of it.
  • An additional window will no longer open in the lead and deal cards while adding a product.
  • You can create a product and fill in the basic fields directly in the lead or deal card, in the CRM Store or in the sales chat.

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Duplicates merging in CRM

Auto duplicate merging helps you to unite leads, contacts and companies that have the same information. You can also select the frequency of the auto search.

Read more in the article Duplicates merging in CRM.

Smart scripts in CRM

A smart script is a tool for automating your CRM work. You create your own robot sequence and lauch it when you need it.

You select deals or leads and launch the smart script. The robots start working at the moment you added them.

Read more in the article Smart scripts in CRM.
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