Changes in work with products in leads and deals

The window for work with products in leads and deals cards has become more informative.

How the product search has changed

Previously, when you wanted to add a product to a deal or a lead card, a new search window opened.

Now there are no additional windows. When you start typing the name of the product, you see the price and the picture of it. It will help you to choose the right option. Then you can edit the price and the quantity of the products.

How the product list has changed

Now you see all possible variants of products in the list.

You can decide whether to show discounts and taxes in the table or not.

Select the fields that will be shown in the list.

How product creation has changed

A new product can be created directly in the card. Type a name and then click Create or Ctrl/Cmd + Enter.

Specify price, quantity and amount of the product directly in the list or click the arrow to go to the product card.

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