Total amount calculation modes

In the deal card, there are two total amount calculation modes:

  • Manual - manually fill in the Amount and currency field in the deal form. Products can also be added to the deal.
  • Automatic - the system automatically calculates the total amount of the deal based on the selected product prices.

You can select the appropriate calculation mode yourself depending on the situation.

The manual total amount calculation mode is perfect when you've just started to work with a client. For example, you are starting a new project for a client, you've had a meeting with him/her, but the amount of work hasn't been clarified. You can enter the approximate amount manually to start working with the client, find contractors and suppliers, etc. After the amount of work, needed materials and products are discussed with the client, you can select products in the deal form and calculate the total amount automatically.

How to switch the total amount calculation mode

By default, the total amount of the deal is calculated automatically based on the prices of the selected products.

To switch to the manual mode, simply click the Amount and currency field > edit the amount > click Yes.

To switch back to the automatic calculation mode, edit the products in the deal form or click the cogwheel button next to the Amount and currency field > Enable deal total auto calculation.

Switching modes will be displayed in the deal timeline.

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