Resource booking: how to set up a CRM form

Bitrix24 CRM has a resource booking option. This is a script for working with clients and it is slightly different from selling goods. The client chooses the service, the time, or the specialist who will provide the service.

How does the resource booking work in CRM?

Resource booking is a type of a custom field. It is created in the CRM settings or a CRM card. It can be used in leads and deals.

Let's consider creating a field in a deal. Open the CRM card and create Book a resource field.

The field has a number of settings:

Field name is the name that appears in the card. Try to give an informative name to the field, for example, address of the medical center.

Select resources and users - specify what clients can book.

Resources - specify the resources to be booked. This field will appear if you select Resources or Resources and users.

The number of resources that can be created depends on your plan.

Users - specify the employees who will be busy during the service. This field will appear if you select Users or Resources and Users in the previous step.

What is the difference between Resources and Users?

Resources - are not services, but tools for providing services. For example, if the service is movie screening, the resource is the seat in the cinema.

Users are the employees of your company who will provide the service.

Date only - this option is suitable if you rent apartments or parking spaces.

Services longer than 1 day can be booked in the CRM form, only if you include a date without time.

Add services and duration - this option allows you to add services of a certain duration. For example, the barbershop has different durations for haircuts and shaves.

Services can be not used. In this case, you will need to select the duration of the reservation manually.

Time Zone or Respect user time zone - select time zone the booking will be displayed in.

Required and Show Always - default settings for custom fields.

Allow overbooking - if this option is enabled, you can book service for many clients for the same time. For example, for conferences.

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