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Add a new CRM web form

To add a new CRM web form, click CRM > CRM Forms > Add New Form:

Main form settings

Enter the name of the web form, its title and description.

Then you need to select fields that will be displayed in the web form.

You can add lead, contact, company, deal, quote or invoice default or custom fields to the web form by using the menu on the right. Click + to unroll fields available for each CRM entity. If you need to add a new custom field to lead, contact, etc., go to CRM > Settings > Form and report settings > Custom fields.

Also, you can add a section, separator or a line break.

If you add different CRM elements' fields to the CRM web form (for example, deal's fields and contact's fields), the system will suggest you create missing fields.

You can configure each field - change name, description and default value.

If needed, you can make a field required. Also, you can enable Verify option, and the system will automatically check if the user has entered data correctly (for example, check if the email address is entered correctly).

Then you can edit text for "Send" button, select the background and text color and specify employees that will be responsible for CRM elements created from this web form.

If you add several employees to the list of responsible persons, CRM elements created from this web form will be distributed evenly.
Don't assign as responsible person if not checked in or away option will work only if you have enabled the time management option for the specified employee (available only to Professional plan subscribers). Otherwise, CRM elements created from this web form will be distributed evenly.

Additional settings


Enable the corresponding option if you want to remove signature Powered by Bitrix24.
Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Field rules

You can add one or several rules for your web form's fields.

For example, if your client agrees to upload his photo, he will be shown the field with the "Upload photo" button.

Create CRM entities

Here you can specify what CRM element to create when a client has filled the web form (lead, contact, deal or quote).

Enable Create invoice and Forward to payment page after form is completed options if needed.

Select the action the system will perform if a duplicate is found. By default, Bitrix24 will merge all the duplicates.

If you select to create a deal from this web form, you can enable the Don't create a new deal, use existing one instead option. Bitrix24 searches deals by contact name or company name in this case.

Default values

In this section, you can select CRM elements forms fields and specify their default values. For example, you can specify that the lead name will be the same as the CRM form name.

You can use Custom tags as default values, and the system will automatically replace this tag with the value.

  • Domain name - website address where the web form has been filled (for example,

  • Page address - web page address where the web form has been filled (for example,

  • Parameter - you can add a custom parameter to the address and use it as a custom tag (for example, %my_param1%)

  • Result ID - the serial number of the completed CRM web form (for example, 1, 3, 5, etc. Note that it's skip counting by twos.)

  • Form ID - web form ID in the system

  • Form name - web form name (for example, Feedback form)


Specify your Google Analytics ID. If the form is published on your site and you use Google Analytics, events and goals will be auto-registered.

Also, you can enable the Create event for Google Funnel option here.

Form theme and Custom CSS

You can configure form theme and upload custom background under the Form theme section. Or you can even use custom CSS styles if you enable the use custom CSS styles option.

Terms of service

Enable the Terms of service option and create a new consent. You can also activate Auto Accept The Agreement, which sets the initial option state to checked.

You can always edit the consent later:

Read more in the article - Add a GDPR consent.

Post-submit actions and Spam protection

Add form submission success and failure messages under the Post-submit actions section. Also, you can configure redirection to the specific URL.

Enable the Spam protection option which ads reCAPTCHA to the form.


Activate the callback option if you want your employees to callback clients who have just completed the web form.

Link and code

Your clients can access the web form not only on your website but also if you send them a direct link to this web form. Just copy the link in the corresponding field.

There are several options for how your web form will be displayed on the website: the web form will be displayed on the page, the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window only if a client clicks the button/link, or the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window with a time delay. Select the needed option > copy the code > paste it to your website code.

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