Add a CRM form

CRM form is a tool for receiving information from customers. Usually it is a questionnaire, in which a potential client can enter contact information, order a product or sign up for a service. The form can be placed on a landing page or in an online store.

How to create a CRM form?

Go to the CRM section - CRM Forms and click Add.

Choose a scenario for working with the form. We will consider Custom preferences scenario, because all possible form settings are available there.

Read more about different scenarios New cases to work with CRM forms.

After selecting a scenario, the settings page will open with a form on the right side.


There are the following settings in the form:


In this block, you select the fields that will be displayed in the form.

You can add fields to the form by clicking the Add field button.

After that, enter the name of the field in the search bar or manually find it in the desired element.

If you want to remove the field from the form, click on the cross.

To edit a field, click on the pencil. In the field settings you can:

  • Specify the name of the field in the form.
  • Specify the default field value. It will be displayed in the field until the client enters his/her own value.
  • Enable or disable autocomplete. Read more in the article Autocomplete fields in CRM forms.
  • Enable hint on focus. it is displayed under the field. The client will see it only when he/she clicks on the field.


Most countries have requirements for the collection and processing of personal data. For example, it may be forbidden to collect and store contact information if the customer has not given permission.

In this section, you can create your own agreement or use a pre-installed agreement to consent to the processing of personal data.

In the agreement settings, you can change the text, select the agreement behavior or a suitable agreement template from the list.

CRM entities

Choose which entities will be created in the CRM when customers fill out the form.

In the Expert mode, you can set the rules to handle duplicates and, if deals will be created, the pipeline.

Headers and buttons

In this tab, you can add a Title and a Subtitle to the form, as well as change the text of the Send button.

You can use personalization tags in the title and subtitler, such as First Name, Last Name, and so on. Read more in the article Personalization tags in CRM forms.

Spam protection

In this tab, you can configure the use of reCAPTCHA v2 module. In the settings, you can specify your keys.

Field show rules

With the help of Field show rules you can customize the order of fields in the form, hide or show fields depending on customer responses.

Post-submit action

You can configure what action happens after the customer fills out the form.

Three actions are available:

  • Message

This script is good when you want to thank a customer for filling out a form.

You can see how the message looks and edit the text. To do this, click on the corresponding buttons.

  • Redirect

This option is suitable if you want to redirect the customer to another page, such as a group in a social network or a page with delivery information. Specify the links to go to and the pause time.

  • Submit again

After each completion, the form will open again. This option is suitable if clients register for an offline event at the registration desk.

In this scenario, do not forget to disable autocomplete option. Read more in the article Autocomplete fields in CRM forms.

Default values

Read about this option in the article Default field values in CRM forms.


In this tab, you can connect Google.Analytics. Read more in the article Connect Google Analytics to Bitrix24.

Facebook Lead Ads

Read detailed information in the article Facebook Lead Ads integration.


The client specifies the phone number in the form. The call is received by the responsible manager. Then the robot speaks the text that you specified and the connection with the client begins.

For this option to work, it is necessary to connect telephony to Bitrix24.

Other settings

In this tab, you can change the name of the form, responsible employees, form language and customize the Bitrix24 signature.

If there are several responsible people in the form, the entities that are created in CRM after filling out the form are distributed in turn.

If the Don't make user a responsible person option is enabled, if the work day has not started or a break is set, and one of the employees has not started the work day, the second employee will be responsible for the entities.

If the option is enabled and both employees have not started the work day, all items will be assigned to the first employee.


From this tab, you can go to the design settings. Read more in the article CRM forms design.

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