CRM form design

When the CRM form is configured, you can start designing it as well as the page where it is placed.

Read more about posting CRM forms on sites in the articles:

Configure the CRM form design

Click the Design button when editing the form.

Then click on the form to edit its design. The corresponding settings are opened on the left.

Here you can edit the following parameters:


There are five themes available: Business, Modern, Classic, Funny, and Pixels. Select the theme that fits your website the best. By default, the Business theme is selected.


Two styles are available: Light and Dark.

Field style

Two field styles are available in the settings. By default, the Standard style with the gray background of the fields is selected. You can also choose the Modern style.

Form shadow

You can add or remove the form shadow in the settings, depending on the design of your website.


In the settings, you can change the color of the form elements: background color, text color, and the color of field borders.

Also, you can adjust the color saturation by moving the slider under the Opacity option.


To change the default font, click the arrow.

Next, select the category, character set, and font itself.

Form borders

This option adds and removes the form borders. Tick the required sides where you want to add the borders.

Configure the CRM form page design

To use a custom background on the page containing your CRM form,

  1. Click Form features in the top-right corner, and then click the gear button.

  2. Under the Page design tab, enable the Custom page background option.

  3. Upload an image or generate it with the help of our ImageAssistant AI.

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