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CRM web forms

You can create a CRM web form and add it to your website in a few clicks.

Your client completes this web form, and the provided data is automatically added to Bitrix24 CRM.

How it works

Open the CRM > CRM forms section.

Here you can view the list of created CRM web forms. By default, there are two preset web forms that cannot be deleted.

Each web form has a brief information about it: conversion rate, activation and creation date, number of CRM elements created.

You can place this web form on your website by using the embed code or use a public link to send to a client.

There are several options for how your web form will be displayed on the website: the web form will be displayed on the page, the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window only if a client clicks the button/link, or the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window with a time delay.

How to add a new CRM web form

You can copy and edit a preset web form, or you can add a new one by clicking Add new form.

Important! Make sure to click the Enable button before posting the CRM form. Otherwise, the CRM form won't be active.

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