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Use cases for CRM forms

A case is a set of settings that allows you to start working with forms.

For example, you place a form on a page to collect applications for an event. In this case, select the Online Event case. Position, and Event Format fields will be added to the form.

The case works as a preset and does not affect the form functionality. With any cases, you can use any fields, divide them into several pages or add a product photo. If you want to see all possible form settings, enable Custom preferences case. Some cases will create new custom fields in CRM.

How to choose a case

Go to the form editor and click on the case name.

Choose a suitable case.

New cases

Multiple page form

In this case, form fields can be distributed on different pages. This is useful when you need to ask a lot of questions to a customer, for example, for an NPS survey.

To add a new page, click Add Separator and select Form Page. The separator can be dragged anywhere in the list of fields.


This case creates custom fields and adds products to the form. To select items, click the pencil.

Payment and delivery

Firstly, the customer fills in the fields and selects the product.

Then the payment page appear. The payment process looks the same as when paying from the deal.

Read more about payment process in the articles Accept payment in the deal form and Connect payment systems in the Sales Center.

Online event

This case is suitable for registering event participants. To change the options for the Event format field, click the pencil.

Register at offline (in-person) event

This case differs from Online Event. The form has auto-fill fields disabled. Forms with this case are suitable for offline events.

Read more in the article Autocomplete fields in CRM forms.

Add data to CRM

This case displays fields from the contact. The autofill option is disabled. It is suitable for CRM quick filling, if you do not have access to this module or you are at an offline event.

Single condition field

These are cases that use different field display rules.

Learn more about Field show rules.

Custom preferences

All possible form settings are available.

Learn more about CRM form settings.
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