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Working with the product variants

When adding a product to the catalog, you can add several variants of this product. Variant is an option that helps you to specify additional parameters of the product (color, size, etc.). For example, T-shirt can have several variants - size M green T-shirt, size L blue T-shirt, etc.

How it works

To add a new product variant, go to the CRM > Products.

Select a product.

Click the Create variant property button and select one of the options.

Read more information in the article Product properties.

Specify the field name and add list items. Click Save.

If you enable the Show in Online Store option, the product will be placed in your Online Store.
Edit or delete variant property
If you've accidentally created the variant property, you can edit or delete it later. Go to the Online Store section > hover over the Commercial Catalog button > click SKU Properties.

Find a property you want to edit or delete > click the "hamburger" button > select the action you need.

Click Add variant.

A duplicate of the product will be created. You can now specify its additional parameters.

Click Save when you've configured additional parameters.

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