You need to add Locations to use Location-dependent taxes (sales taxes).

You can find this option in CRM section > More > Settings > Start point > Locations.

You can Add locations manually or use Import option. Also, you can Edit, Delete the selected location and View child locations.

Import locations

Click Import to add locations automatically.

You can delete all locations, view location database statistics, select location source and select location import parameters in the Import section.

  • Select location source - you can import locations from the file or using the remote server.

    If you decide to import locations from the file, you'll have to create location types and external services manually.

    If you select the "Remote server" option, you'll need to choose countries that you want to be imported.

  • Select location import parameters - you can specify the extent to which the locations should be uploaded.
    Importing locations to the "streets" is a long process that can take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on your site's settings and your host's performance.

Add location

Click Add to add locations manually.

Symbolic code and Type fields are mandatory in Location parameters section.

It's recommended to specify the Parent location if you're adding any location type different from "country". Also, you can add Language dependent titles and Geo data.

Locations list

After importing or adding the locations, you will get the list of countries that have their own lists of cities:

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