CRM automation rules: FAQ

1. Why don't I have access to automation rules?

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

2. At what moment an automation rule is run?

You add an automation rule to a certain deal stage/lead status. When a deal or a lead gets to this stage/status, the automation rule is run.

3. Can an automation rule be triggered by an event related to the CRM element? For example, a task has been created or a field has been completed.

No. An automation rule doesn't track events in a CRM element card. It only tracks stage/status changes.

4. I've added an automation rule to a stage/status with already existing deals/leads. But the automation rule doesn't run. Why?

If an element has been moved to the stage/status before the automation rule is added, the automation rule won't run.

5. I've moved an element to the next stage/status, but not all the automation rules added to the previous stages/statuses had been executed. What happens in this case?

After you move the element to the next stage/status, all rules that have not yet been executed are stopped.

6. Are the automation rules added for the entire Bitrix24 Account or separately for each employee?

You add automation rules for the entire Bitrix24 Account. You can add different automation rules for different deal pipelines.

7. Who can configure automation rules?

All users having appropriate access permissions. You can read more about access permissions to automation rules in the article - CRM Automation rules.

8. Can I add several automation rules to one stage/status?

Yes, of course. You can also specify conditions for running each automation rule.

9. Can I configure an automation rule so that it will be run with a delay?

Yes, you can. Minimal delay is ten minutes.

10. If I have several automation rules added to one status/stage, will these automation rules run sequentially or simultaneously?

Simultaneously if all these rules have the same conditions for running (for example, "immediately").

11. Can I use automation rules to add the information contained in the fields of a company/contact to a deal?

Yes, you can. To view a list of available fields, click the ... when configuring an automation rule.

12. How can I find out that the automation rule has been run?

Open the element form and click Automation. The automation rule that has been run is marked with a green checkmark.

13. What do different icons mean in the automation rules?

The green checkmark means that an automation rule has been run. The red icon means that an action hasn't been completed. You can hover over the icon to view the additional information about an error.

The blue circle icon means that the automation rule hasn't been run yet. For example, there can be a delay specified in the automation rule settings.

14. In what cases an automation rule won't be run?

An automation rule won't be run if a deal/lead:
  • has been imported from .csv file;
  • has been created from the online store order;
  • has been created using another automation rule or workflow.

15. When configuring an automation rule, you can select AND and OR in the conditions. How does it work?

The condition can consist of several parts, separated by AND. If any part does not match, the rule won't be run. If these parts are separated by OR and the first part does not match, the second part is checked. If any part matches, the rule will be run.
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