Improve the efficiency of order handling

In this article, you will learn how to improve the efficiency of order handling.

Track deal payment status

Don't forget to keep your eye on the deal payment status. You can track it in the list and kanban view. Maybe your client hasn't received your SMS message, hasn't found the suitable payment method, or has viewed the order but hasn't paid.

Also, pay attention to the payment method selected by a client. If he/she has selected several payment methods and doesn't pay the order, call him/her and suggest your help.

Automate the deal stages change

Create a separate stage for deals with orders that have been paid. Click Receive payment > select this stage in the Automation section. This way, you can track orders that have been paid. Then you can send a receipt to a client, call him/her and thank for choosing your store. Clients will appreciate your care, and you will increase the chances of repeat sales.

Use triggers

You can also track the payment status by using the Order payment trigger. A separate stage will help to automate the post-payment actions: call to a client, send a receipt, add a task, etc.

Use automation rules

In some cases, it'll be useful to remind the client to pay the order if he/she has forgotten to do that. Create an automation rule that will send a notification to an employee reminding to call the client.

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