Kanban view in Tasks and Projects

Bitrix24 Kanban for Tasks and Projects is a tool that will help you manage your tasks and projects!

How it works

Go to the Tasks and Projects section > Kanban.

You can add a new task by clicking the + button and specify the task name.

Click the added task name > click Edit to edit the task.

You can move tasks between stages by dragging and dropping them between task stages.

How to add a new stage to the Kanban

Click the + button to the right of the stage name to add a new stage. Specify its name.

Hover over the task stage > click the pencil button to change the color of the stage, to edit the name of the stage, or to delete it.

How to search for tasks in the Kanban

You can filter tasks in the Kanban view by using the default filters. Just click the search bar and select the filter.

You can also search for tasks by name or by even a single word that is contained in the task name or description.

How to switch between projects in the Kanban view

Click the current project name to switch between projects.

Select another project in the dropdown menu to switch to another Kanban.

You can create another project by clicking the Create project button.

You can also configure the existing project. Hover over the existing project > click the about workgroup button.

Click the Actions button > select the needed action.

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