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New CRM automation rules and triggers

There are several new automation rules and triggers that have been added to the Bitrix24 CRM.

Automation rules

  • Change observers - the automation rule changes the observers in the CRM element card.
    Read more about observers in the article - Observers in leads and deals.
  • Employee information - this automation rule allows substituting the employee information in a CRM element or task. After creating the Employee information automation rule, create another automation rule at the same stage (for example, Task), and there will be an option to use the employee information in the task or document.
  • Create, edit, read list item - the automation rule performs the corresponding action with the selected list.
    Read more about lists in the article - Lists.


Triggers are client-side actions that will bring status processing into motion. When a trigger sets off, the CRM record will be brought to a required status, which in turn will activate appropriate automation rules.

  • Responsible person change and Field change - these triggers track the changes in the CRM element card. Don't forget to select fields that you want the Filed change trigger to track.
  • Order payment - trigger gets activated when the order bound to the deal has been paid.
  • Task status change - trigger gets activated when the task status bound to a lead or deal is changed. You can select the task status that is required to be reached to activate the trigger.

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