Desktop chat settings

Go to Bitrix24 app settings for Windows and Mac. Click the gear button in the sidebar.

General settings

  • Hide messages in "Recent" list – show/hide the text of the last message below the user icon in the contact list.
  • Show birthday notifications – show/hide notifications and chats with colleagues who have a birthday.
  • Show colleagues in recent chats list – show/hide the users who have been recently invited to Bitrix24.
  • Auto mark notifications as read – if you have a large flow of notifications, disasble this option. Each notification will need to be manually marked as read with a double-click, so you won't miss important notifications.
  • Use large smileys – enable/disable the use of large emoticons in chats.
  • Show rich links – if the option is disabled, links are displayed as a text link without additional information. The setting is personal, applies to all chats of the messenger and only to the person who enabled it.
  • Enable sound – enable/disable sounds when you receive any notifications.
  • Open Bitrix24 links inside chat (using slider) – if you use two applications: one for chat and the other for work, all internal links will open in a special side slider.
  • Send message on – select keyboard shortcuts to send messages: Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter or Enter.
  • Pop-up notifications location - set the corner for notifications to pop-up (only for Windows).
  • Color of your name in conversation – you can choose the color of the dialog in chats.
  • Run application on quick access bar click – when you click the user icon, the chat will open in the app.
  • View Bitrix24 pages in a separate application – you can only work in the Bitrix24 application without a browser: chats will be in one window, and other working tools in another.
  • Enable autorun on startup – Bitrix24 app will be automatically loaded when you turn on your computer.
  • Allow application to send anonymous diagnostic and usage data to Bitrix24 – to improve Bitrix24 app quality, it is important for us to know how the application works on different client hardware. Only anonymous information is collected, there is no reference to personal data in the report.
  • Visual theme – light/dark theme in the messenger. Automatic mode allows you to enable the design depending on which theme is installed in Windows or macOS.


There are two modes of notifications.

Simple mode:

  • Website, mobilе and desktop apps
  • E-mail
  • Push notifications (mobile app)
  • Disabled notifications – this settings group contains important notifications that you have disabled for some reason.

Advanced mode allows you to make notification settings for various tools.

Email notifications are disabled by default in Bitrix24 Cloud version, but you can always enable them. Disabled notifications are not saved in the history.


You can configure options for video in group calls, microphone and webcam.

There are several setting options for group calls:

  • From all – video from all participants will be displayed in the call window.
  • From speakers – video will be shown from those who are currently speaking or have recently spoken.
  • Don't accept – all participants will have an avatar, no video.

After selecting the microphone and the webcam, you will see a microphone audio level indicator and a webcam image.

Face time HD camera allows you to receive a video call in the best quality. If you have problems with the Internet, disable this option.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will help you with quick chats and calls.

You cannot change these keyboard shortcuts.
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