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Desktop app troubleshooting

The desktop app can encounter errors for various reasons. In this article, we've compiled some of the most common errors and how to resolve them.

App interface is not showing

Error type. The app interface is blank or partially displayed, and chat messages are not loading.

Solution. Refresh the app session:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + R on Windows or cmd + Shift + R on Mac.

  • Open a chat with any user and enter the command /clearWindowSize.

If it does not help, reinstall the app.
Bitrix24 for Windows, Mac and Linux

An authentication error has occurred

Error type. When logging into Bitrix24, you may get the following messages:

  • Please, check your Bitrix24 address and protocol (http->https). Maybe your Bitrix24 account has been moved.

  • This login/password combination does not exist.

Possible reasons.
  • You've entered an incorrect login or password.

  • You are logging into an account that cannot be accessed. Most likely, it was deleted.
    What happens to my Bitrix24 if I stop using it

  • You've been dismissed from an account, so it is not accessible.

Solution. Ensure that you enter the login and password correctly. If there are no errors, log in via a browser to determine the exact reason.

Error type. After entering an OTP (one-time password) for two-step authentication, you may get the "Wrong OTP" error.


  1. Ensure that you enter the code for the proper Bitrix24 account if you have several.

  2. Check the time and time zone on your phone and computer. They must match.

  3. Contact your Bitrix24 administrator if the first two steps do not help. They can temporarily disable two-step authentication to let you log in to Bitrix24.

  4. Enable two-step authentication for Bitrix24 login

Cannot make a call

Error type. Inbound and outbound calls do not work.

Possible reason. You have an outdated version of the desktop app installed.

Solution. Update the app version.

On Windows, click the cloud icon in the top-right corner. In the pop-up window, click the three dots (...) button and select About Bitrix24. Then click Check for updates and update the app to the latest version.

On Mac, click Bitrix24 in the top-left corner and select About Bitrix24. In the pop-up window, click Check for updates and update the app to the latest version.

Error type. Inbound and outbound calls do not work in the Bitrix24 On-premise version or the Cloud Bitrix24 with its own domain.

Possible reason. There is an issue with the SSL certificate.

Solution. For telephony to work, issue a trusted SSL certificate for Bitrix24. Check it on a special website, and if it is self-signed, get a trusted certificate.

SSL certificate cannot be verified in the Bitrix24 On-premise version

Error type. The server provided an invalid certificate.

Possible reasons.

  • The certificate is signed by an issuer who is not included in the trusted certificate list, for example, a self-signed one.

  • The domain name in the certificate does not match the Bitrix24 address.

  • A server configuration error has occurred.

  • The certificate has expired or is not yet valid.

  • The server does not support the requested SSL/TLS protocol version.

Solution. Check if you entered the domain name correctly and contact the administrator. If the administrator approves it, ignore the message and proceed with connecting to the server.

If you have a different situation, contact Bitrix24 support.
How to activate Bitrix24 Support

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