All-in-one Bitrix24 Desktop app

The all-in-one Desktop application combines the browser with your Bitrix24 and messenger. It is optimized to work with all Bitrix24 services, and the built-in browser helps your Bitrix24 run faster.

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What it looks like

The Desktop app consists of two separate windows - your Bitrix24 account and a separate window with chats.

That allows you to use both windows in the split view mode:


We've tried to make the toolbar intuitive:

1 - go back
2 - go forward
3 - reload the page
4 - copy the link to the current page
5 - close the tab and log out from the Bitrix24 account
6 - add a new Bitrix24 account

The tabs display the names of the open pages of all the Bitrix24 accounts you've connected to the Desktop app. If you use several Bitrix24 accounts, you can easily switch between them using these tabs.

Read more in the article - Multiple accounts in the Bitrix24 Desktop app.

How to enable the chat window

If you have closed the chat window, there are three ways to enable it back:

  1. Click the Chat and Calls button in the Desktop app.
  2. Click any chat icon on the chat panel on the right.
  3. Windows - click the Bitrix24 app icon next to the time and date panel.
    macOS - click the orange Bitrix24 icon on the Dock.

Dark theme in chats

You can enable the dark theme for chats in the Desktop app settings.

This option is linked to a specific Bitrix24 account. If you want to enable the dark theme in chats on multiple Bitrix24 accounts, you need to do that for each Bitrix24 account.

Disable the two-window mode

If, for some reason, you want to switch back to the classic Desktop app with only one window for chats, click the cogwheel button in the chat window > disable the View Bitrix24 pages in a separate application option.

After you restart the app, you will have only one window with Bitrix24 chat and can continue working with your Bitrix24 in another browser.

If you do not have the View Bitrix24 pages in a separate application option, update the Bitrix24 Desktop app to the latest version. If you have Bitrix24 On-Premise version, you should also update the Web messenger (im) module.

Download or update the Bitrix24 Desktop app

If you've already installed the Bitrix24 Desktop app, you'll be suggested to update it to the new version. All you have to do is to click Yes. You can also download or update the Bitrix24 Desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux at any time.

Read more in the article - How to update Bitrix24 Desktop app.
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