FAQ: Desktop application

This article contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Desktop application.

Does Bitrix24 have a Desktop application?

Yes, you can download it on the Bitrix24 Apps page.

Read more in the article How to update Bitrix24 Desktop app.

The screen in the Desktop application is white. What to do?


  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R
  • macOS: cmd + Shift + R

How should I clear the cache in the Desktop app?

For Windows: in an open application, press Ctrl + Shift + L . The folder where the logs and application data are located will open. Close the application and delete the folder cef_cache.

For MacOS: to call the folder where the logs and application data are located, press cmd+ Shift + L. Close the application and delete the folder cef_cache.

Why does the error "This domain is disconnected or does not exist. Please check if the address is correct" appear?

This error can occur if you do not have access: the account has been deleted or you have been fired from it.

Find the Desktop app icon in the macOS top bar or in the Windows notification panel. Select the Change User option in the settings and try logging in again.

Why is the exFAT file system not supported?

The exFAT file system does not support alternate data streams, which are used in the Bitrix24 app to store metadata, in particular synchronous version numbers.

Are there Desktop app versions for Windows XP or Linux?

The Bitrix24 desktop application for Windows XP is no longer supported. You can work in Bitrix24 via a browser.

The minimum system requirements for the Bitrix24 Desktop app are macOS 10.10 and higher or Windows 7 SP1 and higher.

The Bitrix24 app for Linux supports the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu 20,21,22 (Gnome)
  • Kubuntu 20,22 (KDE)
  • Mint 20 (Mutter)
  • Fedora 35 (Gnome)
  • Fedora 36
  • BaseALT Simpy Linux 10.0.900 (Xfce)
  • Rosa 21.1 (KDE)
  • Astra Linux (Orel 2.12)
  • OpenSuse Leap 15.4

You can download the Desktop app on the Bitrix24 Apps page.

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