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Send desktop app logs to Helpdesk

First, if you face any issues with Bitrix24 desktop app, please make sure you have:
In case none of the above helped you can send you desktop app logs to Bitrix24 Helpdesk. Please perform the steps below to get it done:

For Mac:
  • Open Bitrix24 desktop app & navigate to the application menu panel. Click on Bitrix24 & select Send Log to Helpdesk

  • If you have submitted the ticket already click on I've already submitted a ticket & enter the ticket reference ID (number). If you haven't - click on I want to create a ticket.

  • For new tickets: Describe Your Issue  - please make sure you provide max. details about your desktop app problem (e.g. that the app is up to date & have tried most common problems solutions). Click Send.

  • After that you will see the message Your ticket has been successfully submitted with ticket link. Ticket number (ID) is at the end of the link.

For Windows:

  • open (run) your desktop app
  • click on the Bitrix24 desktop app icon shown in the right bottom corner of your computer screen.
  • in the desktop app menu select Send logs to Helpdesk.
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