Tasks Efficiency

Employees usually do a lot of tasks, and you can check how they cope with them using the Efficiency indicator. It tracks all the assigned tasks in order to measure how many of them were completed on time and without objections.

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What it is used for

First, it helps you understand individual and group performance. Second, anything that gets measured is easier to improve. Finally, you can base your KPI on this indicator and make intelligent decisions about who gets promoted and rewarded.

How to work with efficiency report

Configure the reporting period in the filter above the report blocks.

The Efficiency is counted according to the formula:

Efficiency = 100 - (Tasks with objections/Total in progress within the reporting period) * 100

  • Efficiency - your personal tasks efficiency indicator.

  • Tasks completed - the number of tasks completed within the reporting period.

  • Tasks with objections - the number of overdue tasks. The same task can be overdue several times. You should complete the task or change its deadline to avoid the objections.

  • Total in progress - total number of assigned and completed tasks within the reporting period.

The Efficiency is counted only for the tasks in which you have either responsible or participant role.

If you create a task with the deadline that is earlier than now, the task will be overdue immediately, but it won't influence the Efficiency KPI.

By default, your efficiency is 100%.

If you overdue the task in which you have either responsible or participant role, your efficiency will decrease.

The creator & responsible person must be different (different user) for the task to be counted.

How to view my employees' efficiency

Supervisors can view their employees' efficiency in Supervising section.

If you are an owner of a project, you can view project tasks efficiency in Projects tab in the Performance column.

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