Task counters

The work of ping messages in tasks have been changed:

  • Completed task ping will be automatically read for the task creator.
  • Pings for observers will no longer activate counters, only live comments.

This way, you won't be distracted by system comments.

Completed task ping

The work of pings for completed tasks has been changed.

Now a task creator is notified when the task is completed, but the task does not leave a comment in the counter.

Closed tasks can appear when the In progress filter is active, if:

  • There are unread comments in the task.
  • The task was closed by the creator, then a responsible person and participants will get comments in the counter.
If you need to control the result, turn on the Check task upon completion option in the task settings. Read more in the article - Check task upon completion.

Pings for observers

The system comments are automatically read for observers in tasks. If the Mute mode is disabled, only colleagues' comments can activate the counter in the task.

If you have been added to a task as an observer, Mute mode is automatically set, and the live comment counter will be in gray color.

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