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CRM Cleanup

When your company has lots of clients, leads and deals, these data start to use a lot of drive space.

CRM Cleanup helps you to free up some drive space!

Delete old activities, history and all the data that you don't need anymore! Or use filters and delete old deals or junk leads!

How it works

Open CRM > More > Settings > Other > Drive Usage.

CRM Cleanup window will open.

At the top of the table, you can see total space used.

Color chart shows how much space is used by different CRM data - deals, leads, activities, etc.

Also, you can see the list of all CRM elements.

Other in this list is for CRM elements that doesn't take much drive space - banking details, addresses, etc.

Your CRM data are presented in a table view. Let's review table columns and take deals as an example:

  • Used by database tables - total space used by deals (without files, history and activities)
  • Used by files - files attached to deals (images, documents, etc.)
  • Used by history - history of changes
  • Used by activities - space taken by deals activities (calls, emails and meetings). Also, it includes calls recordings
  • Used by files on Bitrix24.Drive - files available on Bitrix24.Drive
  • Total space used - total space used by deals (with files, history and activities)
Click the element name to get to the corresponding CRM section.

Click the menu button on the left from the element's name to free up drive space.

  • Delete deals - totally delete all the deals
  • Delete activities and history for deals - delete only history and activities for deals

Use the filter if you want to delete not all the deals, but only some part of them.

For example, use the filter to delete all the deals with Failed status.

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