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CRM: Other settings

Other settings represent a large section where various settings are collected. Here you can configure the format of the client's name, enable duplicate leads, disable the display of activities in the CRM feed, etc.

Go to CRM > Settings > CRM Settings > Other > Other settings.

The settings are divided into sections for you to find them easily.

You can also expand all the parameters on one page.


View settings

  • View and edit CRM items in slider pane — the option enables a new CRM entity form view.

  • Read more in the article: CRM entity form.
  • Sort items by user name — If you enable this option, the sorting will be by name, not by ID.

Product preferences

  • Allow adding new products outside the catalog — enable this option and new products won't be shown in the commercial catalog.

  • Read more in the article: Access permissions to product catalog.

CRM entity preferences

  • Make entity available to everyone (default) — any employee with access permissions will be able to view entities.

  • Read more in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.
  • Default list view type — it can be a simple list or a set of reports. Kanban is also available for leads, deals and invoices.

  • Read more in the article: List view in CRM.
  • Export detailed SKU's — means to unload products for leads and deals during export.

  • Read more in the article: Export CRM data.

Lead preferences

  • Enable repeat sales mode — If this option is enabled, the CRM will create repeat leads for emails and calls from already closed leads.

  • Read more in the article: Repeat leads.
  • Enable legacy lead creation mode - this option appears only if the repeat sales mode is disabled. The repeat leads won't be created. If you have converted the initial lead to the contact or company, the communication history will be saved to the contact or company form. If the initial lead is junk, new activities will be added to the junk lead form.

Deal preferences

  • Update deal close date when the deal reaches final stage — Bitrix24 will automatically fill in the deal completion date.

Invoice preferences

  • Show Bitrix24 signature on the invoice view formBitrix24 signature in the old public invoices.

  • Show legacy invoices menu — the old invoice interface will be enabled.

  • Read more in the article: New invoices in CRM.

Auto generated entities

  • Auto create contacts, companies, deals, invoices and quotes — this option allows CRM entities to be created automatically during conversion if all required fields are filled in.

Notification settings

  • Notify customers via — select a provider to send messages in Sales Center scenarios.

Notification settings


  • Check for required custom fields — do not allow external applications to perform operations if all required fields are not filled in.


Activity preferences

  • Save completed calls and meetings to calendar — decide whether to enter information about the call or meeting in the employee's personal calendar or not.

  • Save reassigned calls and meetings to calendar — the event will be in the calendar of both employees. If you uncheck it, it will be only in the calendar of the one to whom it is reassigned.

  • Keep tasks when deleting CRM entities — if you delete a deal, its activities will still be active.

  • Auto close activities when converting leads — select activities and Bitrix24 will close them after the lead is converted.

  • Default list view — show activities as a list or a set of reports.

Incoming email parameters

  • Mark messages as customer correspondence if sent from employees' emails — if the employee received the email and forwarded it to the company mailbox, it will get the Email to Customer label.

  • This option refers to Send and Save mail integration, which is no longer available for connection. This option does not work in the new Bitrix24.Mail.

Outgoing email parameters

  • Service code — select whether you want to post the service code when sending emails or not.

  • When seeing a new email address, create — choose how to enter new addresses into CRM: as a lead or a contact.

  • Add "Sent by Bitrix24" to signature — decide whether to use this signature for all outgoing emails or not.

  • Read more in the article: Remove "Sent by Bitrix24" caption from outgoing email.


Choose the events that will go to History:

  • Log export event
  • Log view event
  • Log lead delete events
  • Log contact delete events
  • Log company delete events
  • Log deal delete events
  • Log quote delete events
  • Read more in the article: CRM History.


  • Show messages and activities in Feed — publish correspondence with clients in the CRM feed.

Statuses and Dropdowns


  • Customer name format (for leads and contacts) — select one of the options for displaying the name.

  • Read more in the article: Change the client name format.
  • "callto:" link format — how to output links to phone numbers. By default, the link uses the built-in Bitrix24 telephony for dialing.

  • Convert number to international format — to convert phone numbers to a universal form.

  • Use simple format to show created on and modified on time — output the time of creation and modification of elements without specifying the exact time.

  • Customer address format (for leads, contacts and companies) — select the desired template for customer email addresses.

Duplicate control

Select the items for which you want to use duplicate control.

Read more in the article: Duplicate Control.

Recycle Bin

Select the items that will go to the bin after deletion.

Read more in the article: CRM Recycle Bin.
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