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Other settings section in CRM

Click CRM > More > Settings > Other > Other settings to configure parameters that didn't get to any other CRM Settings section.

By default, Other settings page is divided into tabs. But you can click the arrow button and all these settings will be shown on one page.


View settings

Use slider in CRM records for viewing and editing - use the sliding form for leads, deals, contacts and companies.

Enable sorting by user name - sort responsible persons by their names, not by IDs.

Configure CRM elements

Available to everyone (default) - make element opened by default. For example, any employee with the permission to access opened leads can view them.

Read more about roles and access permissions in the article - Access Permissions in CRM

Default list view type - you can select a standard list view or report view. For leads, deals and invoices you can also select kanban view.

You can read more about view types in these articles - Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM, New CRM Grid, Report view for leads (analytical dashboards)

Export detailed SKU's - export products when exporting leads and deals.

Configure leads

Enable repeat sales mode - create repeat leads when getting an email or a call from closed leads.

Read more about repeat leads in the article - Repeat leads

Configure deals

Update close date when moving to a final stage - Bitrix24 will automatically update deal close date.

Configure invoices

Show Bitrix24 signature on the invoice view form - Powered by Bitrix24 signature on the invoice view form.

Read more in the article - Online Payment Options

Auto generation settings

Auto create contacts, companies, deals, invoices and quotes - allow to automatically create CRM elements during conversion (if all required fields are filled).


Check for required custom fields - external applications are not allowed to perform any actions unless all required fields are filled.


Activity common parameters

Save completed calls and meetings to calendar - save information about completed calls or meetings to the employee's personal calendar.

Keep tasks when deleting leads, contacts, deals or companies - for example, when you delete a deal, activities related to this deal stay active.

Include deals and leads without activities in menu counters - the number of CRM records with no activities planned will be counted.

Read more about counters in the article - CRM counters

Auto close activities when converting leads - select activities that will be closed after the lead conversion.

Default list view - you can select a standard list view or report view for activities.

Incoming e-mail parameters

Mark messages as customer correspondence if sent from employees' e-mails - if your employee receives an email from a customer and forwards it to the company email address, this message will be marked as a customer correspondence.

Mark messages as customer correspondence if sent from employees' e-mails option is related to webmail integration with Send&Save technology that is not available anymore. So this option is not available in Bitrix24 anymore.

Outgoing e-mail parameters

Service code - select the place where the service code will be located.

Create for new emails - select the CRM element (contact or lead) that will be created when receiving an email from a new email address.

Add "Sent by Bitrix24" to signature - if enabled, "Sent by Bitrix24" signature is added to all outgoing emails.


Select actions that will be shown in History section:

  • Export
  • View
  • Lead deletion
  • Contact deletion
  • Company deletion
  • Deal deletion
  • Quote deletion
Read more about CRM history in the article - CRM History

Activity stream

Show messages and activities in Activity Stream - publish messages and activities in CRM Activity Stream.

Statuses and Dropdowns

Show deprecated selection lists - show deprecated selection lists in settings.

More information in the article - Statuses and dropdowns (selection lists)


Client name format (for leads and contacts) - select client name format. For example, Mr. Smith or John Smith.

"callto:" link format - select the link format for calling clients. By default, "call via Bitrix24 telephony" is used.

Convert number to international format - automatically convert phone numbers to international format.

Use simple format to show created on and modified on time - show CRM element creation or last modification time in the simple format (without showing exact time).

Address format preferences

Select country and Bitrix24 will use the address format used in this country.

Duplicate control

Select elements that require a duplicate control.

You can read more about duplicate control in the article - Duplicate Control
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