Add a new event to a calendar

You can add new events in the Calendar section.

You can use a quick form to add a new event or use a complete form.

Add a new event using the quick form

Click on any day in the calendar to open the quick event form.

Specify the event name, date and time. You can also add reminders and specify the event location.

You can add a custom list of locations. When selecting one, the event planner shows the availability of locations. Read more in the article - Calendar events locations (meeting rooms).

Add attendees (participants) to the event. Use the planner to view the availability of participants and select a date and time that is most convenient for event participants.

Enable Notify when attendees confirm or decline invitation option to get notifications about your colleagues' decision.

Add a new event using the complete form

Use the complete form to add an event when you need to specify more information about this event. Click Add button at the top right corner or click Complete form in the quick form.

Specify date and time. Enable All day option if the event is going to take all day. If the event is going to take place in a different time zone, select one in the list.

If you want this event to be regular, specify the time interval in the Repeat section.

Additional settings

Click More to access the event's additional settings.

Add the event description and select the event color (the color of the mark in the calendar).

You can also select CRM elements to be connected to the event. For example, you want to schedule a meeting and discuss a specific deal. In this case, you can connect the event to this deal and view this deal in one click.

When editing an event, enable Ask users to reconfirm attendance option. If you change the event date and time, participants will get a notification and will need to confirm their attendance again.

View your schedule

Click Schedule to view your planned events.

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