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FAQ: Calendar

This article contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the calendar.

How do the calendars work in Bitrix24?

In Bitrix24, you can use personal calendars and plan events in the company calendar.

Synchronization of calendars with most well-known services - Outlook, Google calendars, with calendars of mobile devices is also available.

What does the red line in the calendar mean?

The red line in the calendar grid shows the current time so users can quickly navigate the schedule.


How do I add the calendars of other employees?

You can add calendars of your company, other users or workgroups. Click the Calendars button > Add and select the calendars.

How do I synchronize my calendars?

In the Calendar section, click the Synchronize calendar button and select the appropriate type of synchronization.

Is there a calendar that can be sent to a customer to set up an appointment?

Bitrix24 does not support external calendars that can be shared with the users outside the system. But you can invite extranet users in workgroups and schedule meetings in the workroup calendar.

What should I do if the synchronization status shows an error?

If an error occurs, try to reload the page and reconnect the calendar.

I cannot log in to the app after activating the QR code.

Reload the page and scan the QR code again. In the app, the authorization will work automatically.

Why was the app opened after scanning the QR code, but synchronization did not take place?

For IOS: the account may not have been set correctly. Delete the current account. Reload the page with the QR code. Reopen the code. Set ther account. Check the calendar on the device.

For Android: make sure that the Bitrix24 app has access to the calendar.

Read more in the article Fix Bitrix24 Android app sync issues.

Why does the "incorrect password" appear when setting up an account?

The account address must have a https link. Try typing the address manually.

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