Fix Bitrix24 Android app sync issues

There may be two main reasons for Bitrix24 Android app sync issues: battery saver is turned on or Bitrix24 mobile app doesn't have certain access permissions.

Screenshots show Xiaomi interface. The menu itself and menu titles may be different on other mobile devices.

Battery saver

Battery saver turns off some background processes and may affect the apps' performance. If battery saver is on, your Bitrix24 mobile app syncs when you plug your phone in.

Change Battery & performance settings to let Bitrix24 mobile app sync even when battery saver is on:

  • Go to Settings > Battery & performance.
  • Tap Manage apps' battery usage > Choose apps.
  • Find Bitrix24 mobile app on the list and choose No restrictions.


Some phones have additional settings that may cause Bitrix24 mobile app sync problems (Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, etc.).

  • Open Settings > Permissions.
  • Allow Bitrix24 mobile app to Autostart.

  • Give Bitrix24 mobile app needed permissions in Permissions section. For example, if you want to sync calendars, give Bitrix24 mobile app permission to access calendar.

  • Open Other permissions and make sure Bitrix24 mobile app is allowed to start in background.

Done! Now your Bitrix24 mobile app and Bitrix24 web version will synchronize automatically.

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